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Why Choose Tahoe Bear Busters?


We’re Lake Tahoe’s experts when it comes to electric bear deterrents! We pioneered the use of electric fence technology to deter bears back in 2009. Since then, ZERO of our more than 1,000 customers have experienced another break-in with one of our systems that was designed right, maintained and used properly.


Bears that come into contact with our electric fences receive an electrical shock that creates a negative association with your home. Contrary to popular belief, electrical shock does not harm bears it just scares them. These systems effectively train bears that your home is off limits and that they are not welcome. By installing these systems we are helping to keep bears safe and in the wild.


Bear break-ins can be traumatizing and can leave you feeling vulnerable. We pride ourselves on our fast response time and excellent communications. We have a highly trained staff that allows us to evaluate your home, come up with a solution that works for you and install a system in a timely manner that you can rely on.


We’re licensed, insured, and we have 6 years experience installing electric bear deterrent systems on homes. There’s no risk of fire and the electrical shock delivered is startling but harmless to humans.

Our Mission

Our focus and passion lies in developing custom solutions to the bear problem in the Lake Tahoe region. From Truckee to the West Shore to South Lake Tahoe, bears have become increasingly dependent on our homes and our trash for the calorie-dense food they crave. As this dependence increases, so does exposure to humans, which leads to expensive property damage and the unnecessary death of bears. We aim to minimize property damage by teaching bears to avoid human sources of food. If we are successful we will effectively keep bears from accessing food in your home and your garbage. You as a customer will feel confident when leaving your home for extended periods of time knowing your home is safe and secure. The bears will learn their place in their ever changing environment and will be happy and healthy stewards of our forests.

Watch Our Electric Bear Deterrents In Action

Wondering how electricity works to deter bears without harming them? The bears in these surveillance videos were caught on camera trying to enter peoples’ homes and interacting with our systems. These clips demonstrate just how effective our systems are. Notice that the bear at the end doesn’t even get shocked. He’s been shocked before and the mere sight of our electric doormat caused him to move on. (No bears were injured in the making of this film.)

North Lake Tahoe’s Best

We’re proud to say we’re Lake Tahoe’s first and best bear deterrent company. Our innovative approach, aesthetic appeal, and best-in-class customer service has allowed us to continue serving the needs of Tahoe residents since 2009! Over the years we’ve developed a strong connection with the North Lake Tahoe and Truckee community. We also happen to know a thing or two about how the local bear population behaves. We’ve developed custom solutions for more than 1,000 customers in this area.

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New in 2016: South Lake Tahoe

In response to an increase in human-bear conflict in the area, we are excited to announce we have expanded our operations to South Lake Tahoe. Contact us if you live in one of these areas and want to learn how we can help solve your bear problem.

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“I have been so impressed with Ryan and Bear Busters. We have had a few bear break-ins over the years. We spoke with another installer and were less than impressed with their lack of professionalism. A friend of ours referred us to Ryan. From the very beginning I knew we were dealing with someone very knowledgeable and professional. I was so impressed with the quality of install. He was very thorough in explaining and setting proper expectations. The quality of his work was impeccable. I was pleasantly surprised. Since then install, we had him come out and check to ensure everything was working and he was very happy to do that. Lastly, just recently we installed new windows that caused an issue with the system. He came right out and fixed it for us. I am so impressed and highly recommend his services.”

– Ken S., San Francisco, CA

Meet The Team

  • Ryan Welch


    Ryan Welch was born in Visalia, CA and moved to North Lake Tahoe in 2002.

  • Matt Corcoran

    Lead Technician

    Matt joined the Bear Busters family in 2015. He’s in charge of our South Lake Tahoe operations.

  • Zephyr


    Zephyr is the oldest member of our team, in dog years. He’s adapted his fur to mimic that of a black bear to keep our job sites secure.

  • Riley


    Riley is young, but has learned the trade quickly. He’ll likely take over the company in the next few years.