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tahoe cabin front door with bear fence - electric bear deterrent system


Electric Fences

We use electric fencing to prevent bears from breaking into your home and causing expensive damage. An electric bear fence is a physical barrier preventing bears from entering your home. It teaches them that your home is off limits. We can customize a system to work for any home and any homeowners needs.

new tahoe bear busters bear mat electric doormat for bear break ins

Electric Doormats

Our custom, American made electric Bear Mats are a versatile tool when it comes to protecting your home from bear break-ins. They can be used to protect doors, windows, crawl spaces, and much more at your home. We sell, install, and even rent our Bear Mats.

bear box bear resistant trash can container - tahoe baer busters

Bear Boxes

We have bear resistant containers to meet all of your trash security needs. We source our bear boxes from Tahoe Bear Box Co., creator of the highest quality bear boxes in America. If you need repairs made to your existing box, we also repair broken latches and bent doors.

bear break-in damage on front door of tahoe cabin

Bear Damage Cleanup & Repair

Bear break-in? We can help. Our team is also skilled in the art of emergency cleanup, minor repairs, and emergency board-up. Bears typically return to the scene of the crime, so we’ll loan you a Bear Mat to secure the home until a permanent solution is in place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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