Electric Doormats

State-of-the-art electric bear deterrents made in Lake Tahoe, CA

How do electric doormats work?

We created the first electric doormats (a.k.a. “Bear Mats” or “Unwelcome Mats”) in 2010. They protect your home by shocking bears that step on them. We are proud to say we are on our 3rd version of manufacturing the mats and we believe our newest version created in 2023 is the BEST!

Our last mats had a metal top sheet. It had its issues. The metal would rust, get very hot and very reflective in the sun, the metal would delaminate from the rubber if the mat was moved around too much and they were way too heavy and expensive to ship.

The newest version is made from electrical conducting rubber. They are only 1/4 inch thick so much lighter. We can customize the lengths now up to 16 feet long. You pick your length. The cost is $68.75 per linear foot. They can even be placed in front of garage doors and driven over. We can roll them up and ship them out to you or install them if you’re in the Lake Tahoe area.



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We’ve made significant weight reductions to the Bear Mat since our first model. Weighing in at approximately 12 lbs, our electric doormats are easy to pick up and transport or ship them out to you!


Need to temporarily move your Bear Mat? It’s easy! With easy-to-access connection points at each corner, it only takes a few seconds to disconnect your electric doormat and carry away to storage when not in use.

Made In America

We don’t settle for anything but the best. Since day one, our electric doormats have been proudly manufactured right here in beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA.


Our electric doormats are now customizable in length. You tell us what size you need up to a 16 foot length. The width off the house is 22 in long. Cost is $68.75 per linear foot.