Bear Break-In Damage Solutions

We'll clean and secure your home after a bear break in.

Did a bear just break into your home?

We know how scary and frustrating it can be to come home to a bear break-in or get that call in the middle of the night while you are away. Bears are powerful and intelligent animals that are capable of causing severe damage in your home in the quest for calories. If you discover you’ve had a break-in, call us immediately. That bear will definitely be back again tonight.

We can help board-up any doors and windows the bear damaged and determine a long-term plan for preventing future incidences. Our rental program allows us to quickly install a temporary electric Bear Mat at the point of entry. This ensures the bear wont gain access twice before a final solution can be put in place. We can also arrange for your home to be professionally cleaned by specialist in-home and carpet cleaning. Let us deal with the mess.


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