Bear Fences

Protect doors, windows, and more with electric fence technology

How do electric bear fences work?

Electric fencing works by shocking bears when they come in contact with the charged wires. Although it may sound complicated and expensive, bear fences are actually a relatively simple and cost-effective way to protect your home from bear break-ins. Electric fence technology is easily adapted to a variety of situations – beehives, fruit orchards, hunting and backpacking camps, grain sheds, livestock enclosures, landfills, even high-use visitor areas and campgrounds.


Bungee Cords

Electric bungees work well in high traffic areas such as doors, crawl spaces, deck entrances, and storage areas. These premium bungees conduct electricity, stretch for ease of use, and look way better than the “slinky” wires our competitors use.

Permanent Wires

For areas that don’t require in-and-out access such as windows and deck railings, we install permanent wires. These thin braided wires require the least amount of hardware and are therefore one of our most discrete options.

Removable Wires

We add miniature springs to the end of window wire in situations where windows are shuttered or swing outward to open. Removable window wires are especially convenient for full-time residents who prefer an added level of convenience.

Portable Fences

Portable fences work great in situations where you need the option to remove/replace the entire system such as chicken coops, beehives, and fruit orchards. We’ve built custom bear fences for dozens of clients with special agricultural needs.

Examples of our Bear Fences