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Why bear proof your cabin?


We’ve perfected the art of bear proofing homes. Our systems provide permanent security by delivering an electrical shock that creates a negative association with your home. Since 2009, we’ve never had a bear get past one of our systems.


When bears come in contact with our systems, they receive a strong electrical shock. This shock doesn’t harm the bears, it just scares them off. Electric bear deterrents keep bears wild by teaching them to stay away from humans.


Our systems emit a high-volt / low-amp electrical pulse every second. This technology has been used on farms and ranches around the world for over 100 years. It’s safe for humans and pets and doesn’t increase the risk of fire damage.


Bear break-ins are traumatizing and expensive. Bear proofing your cabin is much cheaper than replacing doors, windows, carpets, appliances and anything else bears destroy inside your home. Save yourself the headache, secure your home now.

Bear proofing with electricity really works!

Human-bear conflict is on the rise. Bears are breaking into homes in search of food, causing property damage, and being trapped and killed as a result. We’ve created the perfect solution. We bear proof homes with custom-built electric fences. The electric shock doesn’t harm bears, it just scares them away. Our systems are safe, humane, and extremely effective. Watch this video to see how well these systems work.


Our Mission

Our focus and passion lies in developing innovative solutions to the bear problem. Lake Tahoe bears have become increasingly dependent on our homes and garbage for the calorie-dense food they crave. As this dependency increases, so does property damage, which leads to unnecessary trapping and killing of bears. By bear proofing cabins, we hope to have a positive impact on the community as well as our local bear population. 


Truckee-Tahoe’s Best Since 2009

We’re proud to say we’re Lake Tahoe’s first and best bear break-in experts. Our innovative approach, aesthetic appeal, and best-in-class customer service has allowed us to continue serving the needs of Tahoe residents since 2009! Over the years we’ve developed a strong connection with the Tahoe community and a deep understanding about how the local bear population behaves. We recently installed our 2,000th system and we’re not slowing down.

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New product line coming spring 2018

We are excited to bring new products and tools to the market.  First it was our custom made electric bear mats. This year it is our own line of bracketry hardware used on doors and windows. We are completely getting away from using old farm fence hardware and designing products to be used specifically on homes. That means products that are easier to use and have a better look.

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view tahoe bear busters business reviews on yelp
“I have been so impressed with Ryan and Bear Busters. We have had a few bear break-ins over the years. We spoke with another installer and were less than impressed with their lack of professionalism. A friend of ours referred us to Ryan. From the very beginning I knew we were dealing with someone very knowledgeable and professional. I was so impressed with the quality of install. He was very thorough in explaining and setting proper expectations. The quality of his work was impeccable. I was pleasantly surprised. Since then install, we had him come out and check to ensure everything was working and he was very happy to do that. Lastly, just recently we installed new windows that caused an issue with the system. He came right out and fixed it for us. I am so impressed and highly recommend his services.”

– Ken S., San Francisco, CA

Team Bear Busters

  • Ryan Welch


    Ryan Welch was born in Visalia, CA and moved to Lake Tahoe in 2001. He’s in charge of Truckee, North Lake Tahoe, and South Lake Tahoe.

  • Matt Corcoran

    Lead Technician

    Matt joined the Bear Busters family in 2015. He’s in charge of the Eastern Sierra, including Mammoth Lakes and June Lake.

  • Zephyr


    Zephyr is the oldest member of our team, in dog years. He’s adapted his fur to mimic that of a black bear to keep our job sites secure.

  • Riley


    Riley is young, but has learned the trade quickly. He’ll likely take over the company in the next few years.